Volunteers are always needed for set building, make-up, costume design and repair, helping with mailings, building repairs, fashing shows, and much more.  If you're interested in being part of the Marion Civic Theatre team, let us know.


Dear Usher,


Welcome new and past ushers. This is a quick note to instruct our new ushers and a refresher for our past ushers.


1) Please arrive at the Theatre by 6:30 for Friday and Saturday performances and 1:00 for Sundays.


2) Please wear one of the usher pins that can be found in the concession area.


3) You will be told by one of the Board Member Ushers which door to stand beside. You will pass out programs and collect tickets. Tear the ticket and give the larger half to the patron – the other half goes in the white ticket box. If someone hands you a ticket that is a different color from the ones designated for the current performance, guide them to the Board Usher on duty. Right before the show starts take the ticket box to the concession area.


4) Please close Washington Street door curtains during Sunday Matinees. Please close

curtains to concession lobby immediately prior to start of shows.


5) Please turn on tap lights located on riser stairs at each end of the theater, plus the back row on the lobby side.


6) We ask that the ushers sit near one of the doors during the performance in case a patron needs to leave. Flashlights will be in those areas should you need to help a patron down the stairs. If the show is sold out you may need to relinquish your seat and sit on stools at the back.


7) During intermission, we ask that you help in the concession area.


8) After the performance, we ask that you check the theatre, picking up any trash, sweeping, if needed, and straightening chairs, if needed.


9) Please check the restrooms to see if toilet paper, paper towels or soap are low. Let a Board Member Usher know if anything is needed.


10) We have a new fire and safety evacuation plan. Please see a Board Member for instructions.


There will always be two Board Member Ushers at every performance. It is their responsibility to count money and tickets. Non-Board Member ushers is not to count money or tickets.


Marion Civic Theatre greatly appreciates you. We hope you will continue to help us out. If you have any questions or problems, please call Sandy Ferguson at 668-7800.


Thank you,

Marion Civic Theatre Board of Directors