All audition dates and times will be listed in the Chronicle Tribune and on this web site's home page and information page.  Those auditioning should come prepared to list any previous theater experience and any conflict dates that might occur during the duration of the show.  When arriving for your audition, please enter ONLY through the alley/lobby door (back of theater).


Directors will require you to read something from the show and also sing or dance if the play is a musical.  There may be times when a directory needs to have call-backs to determine a final cast.  Directors or the business office will notify you when a final decision has been made and will set a time for rehearsals to begin.


Marion Civic Theatre is always looking for talented people who would like to Direct or Produce one of our productions.  If you would like to be cnsidered for one of these positions or have a show you would like to have considered by the playreading committee, please contact us.