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Welcome to Mitford


A comedy/drama by Robert Inman

Adapted from the Mitford Novels by Jan Karon

Produced by special arrangements with

Dramatic Publishing


Directed by JJ Leak


Performance dates are


February 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15, 2015


Cast Includes:


Father Tim        -        Jack Marshall II

Cynthia            -         Caroline Sue Hoffman

Young Dooley   -          Hunter Marshall

Older Dooley    -          Jordan Kenyon

Percy               -         Lewis Suttles

Velma              -         Priscilla Box

Mule                -          Sean Heline

JC                   -          Scott McFadden

Emma             -          Laurie Wolcott

Sadie              -          Jean Payne

Esther             -         Stacy Hutchinson Thompson

Puny               -         Antoinette Heard

Uncle Billy       -         Kevin Whitmore

Larry              -         Andrew Daniels

Lila                 -         Alaina Shay George

Lee                 -         Haley Herron

Elvin               -         Robert Hastidt

Luke               -         Da'Vontae Randolph

Miss Rose       -          Linda Halldorson

Russell/Walter  -        Gary Fisher

Stuart/Headmaster -   Bob Green

Hoppy/Principal   -       Ray Daniels

Woman #1      -          Dana Smith South

Woman #2      -         Victoria Bishop

Extras             -         Kathy McNeely Daniels

                                 Corwin Daniels

                                 Gwendolyn Windle

                                  Megan Aldridge

                                  Marley Crouch

                                 Erin Bailey

                                  Cynthia Clore

                                 Janina Herring

                                 Janice Miller

                                 Connie Oyler

                                 Kate Overbey



A Special Thank You to the following for

"Welcome to Mitford":


We are still looking for show sponsors for Welcome to Mitford.  If you are interested in sponsoring this great show you can get in contact with the MCT Box Office at 668-7800 or check out the information under the heading "Support MCT."



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