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Current Running Show



Seussical the Musical





The Cat in the Hat:

Eric Bailey



Ethan Cass


Horton the Elephant:

Andrew Daniels


Gertrude McFuzz:

Danielle Gibson


Mayzie La Bird:

JJ Leak


Mr. Mayor:

John Butcher


Mrs. Mayor:

Victoria Bishop


Sour Kangaroo:

Nikki Bailey


Young Kangaroo:

Raynah Tyler


The Wickersham Brothers:

Bailey Hunt (1)

Colin Sollars (2)

Jordan Kenyon (3)


The Bird Girls:

Brittany Purdom (1)

Ellie James (2)

Kaleigh South (3)


Judge Yertle the Turtle:

Kevin Whitmore



Lewis Suttles


General Gengus Khan Schmitz:

Jacob Bradford



The Whos:

(lines will be assigned at rehearsal):

Cameron Gard

Dana South

McKenzi South

Hunter Marshall

McKenzie Lee

Olivia Fox (Cindy Lou Who)

Anyssa Shultz

Bri Colburn

Faith Pameroy

Anna Ream

Karver Jones

Macy Lake

Isabella Giglio

Katelyn Strickler

Brandon Dubois

Caleb Newman

Jack Treber

Raymond Lopez

Susan Treber


Jungle Creatures/Hunches/Circus Animals:

Lily Miller

Zoey Salter

Olivia Garza

Regan Reese

Kathryn Van Ness

Alaina George

Madison Jones




Ruth Cochran, Treasurer

Kathy Daniels

Gary Fisher, Vice-President

Diana Gardner

JJ Leak, Co-President

Aamie Smith, Co-President

Brian Spraygue

Happi Stoffel

Joel Stoffel

Wesley Williams, Secretary

Tawni Winters

Chad Wright

David Wright